Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Airplane Essentials!

Hello everybody! 

Sorry I have been gone a while, I went on holidays at the end of the summer break and haven't really gotten around to doing a blog post since. I came up with a few ideas though, so more blog posts will be going up soon. 

Today I am sharing with you 8 airplane essentials which basically I could not live without on plane rides. Most of them are pretty self - explanatory and hopefully if any of you are going travelling soon it might help the plane trip be a bit better!
Hope you enjoy!
Xo - Charli 

1. Book

Reading is one of my favourite hobbies, and one of my favourite things to do on an airplane trip is to plug in my earphones, listen to some chill music and burry my head in a book. It removes you from all the distractions and time flies so much faster I swear!

2. Journal/Diary

I think its so so important to have some form of diary or journal with you on an airplane. Again, self - explanatory but it can be really useful at times. You can write down anything that is on your mind, organise, write poems (my favourite) etc.

3. Mints, Gum and snacks

Do I even need to explain? Probably not. Sometimes airplane food isn't very pleasant so having snacks to control your hunger is a must. And who doesn't want gum?
PS. The sour watermelon mints from the cotton on foundation are the besstttt

4. Colouring book

This one might not be for everybody but this is seriously my favourite thing ever! Endorse yourself in some chill music and colour away. It helps to relieve stress and is calming and satisfying to take your time, colour everything perfectly and mix and match different colours together!

5. Essentials Bag

As implied in the title, this one is an absolute MUST for me. Keep all your essentials in one bag and that way they are there whenever you need them. You can put whatever is important to you into your essentials bag, for me personally planes make me feel super gross and dirty so deodorant and hand sanitiser is super important. I also put in lip balm, tissues, spare hair ties and bobby pins etc.

6. Comfy pants

I think we can all agree on this one. There is nothing worse than having to wear an uncomfortable pair of jeans or shorts on an airplane. That is why I ALWAYS bring comfy sweatpants or leggings on a plane trip with me. Basically I would die without my sweatpants on planes.

7. Earphones/Headphones

Sometimes the airline provide these for you, but personally I always bring my own because sometimes the ones provided are dodgy and useless in blocking out sound. As long as I'm not getting up to go to the bathroom or listening to an announcement, I've got my earphones in and listening to music trying to drown out the loud noises.

8. Socks

For some reason, airplanes always try to freeze their passengers to death and my feet always get so cold. And that is why I bring socks. Usually I will actually bring like 3 pairs because I love socks so much but these are so important because if my feet are cold, I'm not happy.

9. My phone and charger

My phone is pretty dam important, it holds all my music, games, camera and everything pretty much. And if my phone dies, I die so I always bring a charger with me on planes, usually they have a USB port which can charge most phones!

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