Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How to keep your room clean and organised

Hello everyone!

So I feel like this post will be super useful to everyone because I think its something we all struggle with (including me), is to keep your bedroom clean and organised. Over the years I think I have gathered some really valuable ways that will actually help you to not only clean and organise your room, but to maintain that.
Hope you enjoy!
Xo - Charli

Keeping it Clean 

First, you need to clean your room. And I mean CLEAN it. Don't just shove everything under your bed and in your wardrobe, you need to find a day where you can sit down and really take your time to go through all your stuff and find all the weird stuff you have been hoarding. Do a huge clean out, and try not to let emotions get the better of you. If you find some old shoes that don't fit any more, throw them out. Even if you are emotional attached to those shoes, be stronger that your emotions. All they are doing is adding to a messy wardrobe and serve no purpose.

The most beneficial thing about doing a huge clean out is that suddenly you find yourself with all this extra space! And space is a very valuable thing, brining me to my first tip.

1. Hang things on your walls and door to save space

Things like hats and bags can be easily hung up on your walls using command hooks. Not only does it save space, but looks cute too.

Keeping it organised 

Keeping your room organised might seem tough but its really not. I've put together a few efficient ways that help to organise all your stuff and keep it from cluttering your room.

1. Use baskets to store clothes or shoes.

I think wardrobes are the most abused when it comes to keeping it tidy and organised. Its just so easy to throw stuff in there and not see it, so naturally we are obliged to do that. That is when the baskets come in. So simple yet so effective. You can use baskets to store anything you want, clothes, shoes, belts, scarves and gloves - anything. It just helps to keep it all in sections where you don't have to go digging around for hours trying to find a particular item or pair of shoes.

2. Organising your desk

Again, desks can be abused when it comes to organising. If its a draw and you can put stuff in it without it being seen, anything goes in there and it will be forgotten. Take everything out, yes everything and sort through all of it. Old school stuff? Throw it away. Only keep the stuff you know your really going to use or anything that is memorable to you.
Now comes the organising part of it. If you don't have a desk with draws, try to use boxes or baskets underneath to store your stuff. The trick is to have a 'theme' for each draw.
For ex.
Draw 1 - Knicks n knacks
Draw 2 - Pictures
Draw 3 - School folders and books

And so on and so on. This will really help you to keep organised and know where to find a particular book or picture.

3. Storage boxes

You know how you have all that random stuff from when you were a little kid that your mum forced you to keep. Like medals, certificates, weird animals made from toilet paper rolls. And you don't know where to put them? In a storage box at the top of your wardrobe. Keeps them out of the way from cluttering your room, and keeps your mum happy too :)

Keeping it Clean

Now comes the tricky part. KEEPING it clean and organised. It can be difficult but it doesn't have to be. These are some of the best ways that work for me and hopefully work for you too.

1. Keep your clothes off the floor. This is going to be hard for a lot of people, but trust me, as soon as one clothing item is on the floor, the pile builds and builds and builds until its just a mountain of now dirty, wrinkly clothes. Just take that extra 5 seconds to put it back away in the wardrobe to prevent a growing pile.
2. Make your bed in the morning. Yes its annoying, but it makes a huge difference
3. Do a general clean regularly. Vacuuming your floor can suddenly make your room look like its out of a magazine I swear. Just wipe down your windows, shake out your bed cover and clear your desk every week or so, and your room is going to stay clean for longer.

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