Sunday, 1 January 2017

Hey kiddos, since christmas was almost a week ago I thought what better to do than show you some of my favourite gifts I received! Of course not trying to brag, I am so so appreciative of everything I got and am so grateful to have a family who support me.
My biggest present was a ticket to America with my cousins family which is incredible and I am so blessed and happy to be able to go on such an amazing trip. Along with that I got some cute, funky stuff that I thought I would show you!

My biggest present (literally) was a GIANT blow-up swan pool toy which I actually think was one of my favourite presents since it is the summer holidays and they are trending pretty big at the moment. Perfect for a pool day, and the most important thing, perfect for photos hehe :)
White blow-up swan - Sunnylife, $99

To go along with the 'summer/pool theme', I received a super cute round towel and an aqua blue billabong beach bag
Bag - Billabong, $30

Since I recently moved into my new room, I got some new decor (let me know if you would like a room tour..?) My favourite thing was a candle which looked like a mini tree trunk and totally matched my style! I also got some plants, fairy lights and marble patterned journal.
Along with the room decor, I got some mandala earnings and a super cute purse. The dream catcher was from my brother, who actually made it, but you find ones similar at stores such as Swish, City Beach Australia and Etsy.

Candle - Manchester outlet, $35
Plant - Kmart
Fairy lights, Kmart, $5
Journal - Kmart, $10
Earings - Kmart, $4
Wallet - Seed

    The next thing I received was so needed, two bath bombs from lush. Bath bombs are just so pretty and amazing and I love them, but I never actually go and buy them. So I was super happy when I got two really nice ones, the Intergalactic bath bomb and the Twilight bath bomb. I've already used the Intergalactic one which is so fricken pretty, a swirl of pink and purple and blue and a ton of glitter, and the best part is that is smells like mint and vanilla. 

But defiantly one of my favourite gifts heheh :)

And the last thing I will show you are some vouchers and movie tickets, these are all the presents from your relative's who don't know what to get you so you end up with THREE  I-tunes gift cards hahah. Sportsgirl is one of my favourite stores so I love the gift card, and movie tickets always come in handy especially since it is the holidays! 

I hope you enjoyed me showing you a few of my favourite christmas gifts, make sure you suscribe!
Xo - Charli 

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