Sunday, 1 January 2017



Hey kiddos, so I decided to kick off this blog with an old fashioned, outfit of the day. This outfit is inspired by a bohemian summer and features a white playsuit, a khaki belt, a round brimmed hat and sunglasses. When you put all the pieces together, it becomes an adorable hipster outfit perfect for a warm summer's day. Not only is it comfortable and light, but is super duper cute and perfect for photos.
The playsuit is the main piece of the outfit and can be styled many different ways.
Features include:
Thin cotton material so it isn't hot or heavy on a hot day
Off the shoulder
Long, bellbottom sleeves
Super cute detailing and cutouts
I decided to add belt to dress it up a bit more, a hat and sunnies. I think by adding a hat, it gave the outfit a more chill vibe which I absolutely LOVE. Sunglasses make any outfit a hundred times cuter, so I just had to add those in. Shoe ideas are pretty much any sandals (tan ones would be extra cute).
Hope you enjoyed my first post!
Xo - Charli

Playsuit - Suprè, $45
Sunglasses - H&M, $12.99

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